Septic Tank Repair and Maintenance Experts

Keep Your Septic Tank in Top Condition

Your septic system might face problems as the years go by. However, our team at George J. Kratzer Inc. are here to help!

Our knowledgeable staff will keep your septic system in top condition with a variety of repair and maintenance services:

All Septic System Repairs (inlcuding but not limited to):
  • Inlet Baffle Repairs
  • Outlet Baffle Repairs
  • Blocked Lines
  • Septic Tank Cracks
  • New Lids
  • Risers/Extensions
  • Redrill Drainfield Laterals
  • Flush Drainfield Laterals
  • Pipe Replacements

Our family-owned and operated company has been offering effective repair solutions since 1964. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you!
Let us take care of all your septic repair needs!
Call 610-837-1291
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